Why do it?
The telling of stories is an ancient human tradition, and stories are one of the most effective ways to communicate ideas. Stories inspire us, challenge us, amuse us, teach us and cheer us. Most importantly of all, they invoke one of the most powerful of all human constructs- imagination- and help truth to come alive for us.

Jesus loved telling stories, and most of his teachings take the form of parables or fables. He did this because stories are powerful ways to explain difficult concepts- like God, the Church and the world. We see this in adult life too; you could explain Jesus for hours using any number of theological ideas, but a story is the thing that most people will remember.

Increasingly, the pressures of modern life mean that its easy for families to miss spending quality time together. Holding a Storytime Service ensures that many families, however busy, are able to gather together at the end of the day and share in stories, laughter, songs and imagination together.

There are other benefits too; for very young children, stories and prayers before bed have been proven to help develop healthy sleep patterns. In addition, the service helps children to associate the church building itself (which can be an intimidating place) with a friendly environment in which they are welcome to participate.

Building community
Churches have found that both children and adults love the Storytime Service, and many come back week after week. It's a transitional community; sometimes there are just a handful of children, other times there are more than 20. For most of the people who attend, it's the main way in which they live out their church life, and their participation is a response to God's grace.

Setting up a Storytime Service at your church is a really easy process, and can be done with very few resources. If you would like more information, please see our online shop, or contact us and we would be happy to talk more about the service with you.

What is it?
Storytime Service is a new, simple way of helping children and their carers to learn about God.

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Why do it?
We believe in the power of stories to bring families together.

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"Storytime helps me to sleep."

- Leanne, age 5

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