What is Storytime?
Storytime Service is a new, easy way for churches to connect with children and their carers in their communities, and to help families to learn about Jesus.

Storytime was designed to help children aged between 0-7 to relate to the bible in a way they can understand, and to feel included in the church's common life. It was also designed to go some way to reclaiming the tradition of Sunday evenings being family time, and also church time. It was designed to be accessible to everyone, both those who are lifelong Christians, and those who are still undecided about faith.

Storytime is great because it only needs 2-3 people to run, is easy to set up and costs very little, but is really effective in bringing families together. It also especially appeals to those on the fringes of church communities who might not normally choose to attend a church service.

An area of the church is set aside where children can feel especially comfortable (e.g. a side chapel). Most children choose to sit on comfy cushions on the floor, but chairs are also provided for adults. A storybook atmosphere is created by lighting lots of candles, lanterns etc and playing soft music in the background.

At the start of the service, the church bell is rung, and a simple song is song. A bible story follows, and another song, then two other stories (from Peppa Pig to Curious George!) along with a couple of other simple songs. We then have a moment of quiet, and sing a prayer together. The whole service lasts for about 25 minutes, after which everyone goes into the church hall for lovely hot chocolate (with marshmallows, of course) and to spend time with each other.

It sounds like a simple formula, and it is! But the service is a great way of helping children (and adults!) to learn about Jesus, and has proven to help bring families and communities together in prayer and worship.

What is it?
Storytime Service is a new, simple way of helping children and their carers to learn about God.

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Why do it?
We believe in the power of stories to bring families together.

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"This feels like our church community"

- Emma, age 34

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